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Grandson of Bruno Fusato Signoretti, the mythical founder of  B.F. Signoretti, Alex Signoretti was born in 1996 and, after completing his studies, he has decided to walk the difficult path of apprenticeship to become a master glassmaker and be able to work in the family furnace in Murano.


Martino Naia Signoretto was born in Venice in 1990. His passion for glass began in early ages his father being a glassmaker anf Martino himself nephew of the great Pino Signoretto. After finishing the artistic high school, where he has affirmed and developed his artistic skills, he has begun to assist his grandfather as a “serventino”.


He was born in Venice in 1953. Self-taught like most masters, he has improved his style and technique during the long apprenticeships at many furnaces on the island. During his apprenticeship he worked side by side with highly talented masters, refining his technique and stealing with the eye where the master on duty was not very keen to reveal his secrets.


Paolo Olivio, better known as “Marino”,  was born in 1959. He has begun his apprenticeship in Murano in the early 70s. From the beginning he has shown a special talent in the production of goblets, vases and traditional pieces typical from the 8th to the 18th century,using all the ancient techniques such as mosaic murrina, filigree and rods.


Alessandro Barbaro, the Master Glassmaker who completes concepts and ideas by using large scissors and heavy metal tools and forging glass in an environment that would seem absolutely unsuitable and inhospitable to the transparent and fragile material.


Mario Furlan was born in Murano in 1963, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where he graduated in 1987. Immediately after completing his studies, he devoted himself to learn “working with solid glass”, under the guidance of his father Walter Furlan, expert Master of glass sculptures.


Stefano Dalla Valentina was born in Murano in 1974. He attended the factory of his father Adriano when he was very young, carrying out various tasks, both in the forge and in the grinding department. After graduating from the Institute of Art in Venice, in 1991 he has entered definitively as a designer in his father’s furnace.


Oscar Zanetti was born in Murano in 1961. One of the most important ancestors was the abbot Vincenzo Zanetti (1824-1883), founder of Murano Glass Museum. Oscar started working with glass at the age of 14 while attending the local art school.


Maurizio Alfier was born in 1962 in Solothurn, Switzerland, from Italian parents. Just over twenty, after finishing his studies, he began his first professional experience in the laboratory where Guerrino Lovato created sets and masks for the theater.


Paolo Birello was born in Venice in 1960. He graduated in 1978 in Venice and began to cultivate a passion for glass. In 1982 he began his experience on the island of Murano, first working in an artistic chandelier furnace, then in the world of lampworking where he experimented with his propensity for design.


Maurizio Toso Borella was born in Murano in 1959. Although he belongs to one of the best-known Murano families (Francesco Toso Borella was the greatest Murano glass decorator of the late 1800s), Maurizio was not born a master glassmaker, but after completing his studies, his passion for ancient family art grows within him.



Ermanno Nason was born in Murano in 1928, from one of the oldest families of glassmakers on the island and appeared at his father Italo’s furnace at the age of ten. Ermanno left elementary school spending his time between the furnace and the school for Apprentices Masters “Abate Zanetti” (managed by Professor Vittorio Zecchin) and made his first experiences in more realities, including Pinzan & Cimarrosti where he was proclaimed Master at age of eighteen.


Walter Furlan was born in 1931 in Chioggia; he began as an apprentice by one of the most famous glass masters of the island, Romano Tosi. In the early seventies he entered the Seguso Vetri D’arte glassartworks, under the guidance of Maestro Angelo Seguso and the designer Mario Pinsoni from whom he learned the processing of submerged and stylized glass, characteristic of the designs of Prof. Favio Poli, becoming the most faithful interpreter.


Pino Signoretto was born in 1944 in a small town near Venice; in 1954 he started working in a chandelier furnace. In 1959 he learned from the great masters Alfredo Barbini, Livio Seguso, Ermanno Nason and Angelo Seguso. In 1960 he became a master glassmaker.

In 1978 he opened his own studio in Murano. He began collaborations with painters and architects, including Dalì, Vedova, Licata, Kruft, Dal Pezzo, Vitali, Pomodoro, Willson.


Adriano Dalla Valentina was born in Murano in 1945. He started working in the furnace at the age of ten. For the following 14 years he worked in numerous furnaces, thus perfecting his style. Over the years the reputation of a great Master has been built, a model for future generations.


Dino Rosin was born in Venice on May 30, 1948. After leaving school at the age of 12, he immediately began working as an apprentice at the “Barovier & Toso” glassartworks where he worked until 1963, when he joined his brothers Loredano and Mirco in the “Art-vet” initiative.